• $$$
  • 1-3 Day Lead time
  • Breaks into shards
  • Not safety glass

Application: Picture Frames, Tabletops, and Storm Windows.


  • $$$
  • 5-10 Day Lead time
  • Breaks into pieces
  • 7x stronger than annealed
  • Safety glass

Application: Tabletops, Storm Windows, and Commercial jobs.


  • $$$
  • 1-3 Day Lead time
  • Breaks like a windshield
  • Safety glass

Application: Doors, Skylights, Commercial jobs, and Windows.

AA Glass

The Glass Process

Glass is made by combining sand and lead with other minerals and chemicals in a kilm. The mixture is heated until it liquifies, then poured onto a surface to cool and solidify. Once solidified, the glass can be manufactured into three different categories with multiple types.

Types of glassAcid wash – Aquatex – Bubble – Flora – Patent 62 – Reeded – Seeded – Snow – X-ray

Types of Glass

  • Acid wash

  • Aquatex

  • Bubble

  • Flora

  • Patent 62

  • Reeded

  • Seeded

  • Snow

  • X-ray

AA Glass

Rail & Mirrors

A mirror is an everyday object, but that doesnt mean it needs to be ordinary. We can make mirrors in virtually any size or shape and have multiple colors to choose from with different types of edges. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

Types of mirror

Clear  –  Bronze  –  Antique Black  –  Gray  –  Acid Wash


1/8″ or 1/4″ mirror


Seamed or Polished


1/4″ – 2″


Single hung window

Sliding window

Picture window

Double hung window

Arch window

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