Pipe Replacement

Are your pipes in need of replacement? Have you had a leak in your pipes? Are your pipes rusting? Low water pressure in your home?

Our pipes are something that we don’t often think about until something goes wrong.  If you have aged pipes that need replacing in the Berkeley, CA area, you can rely on McLaren Plumbing.

How do you know if your home needs repiping?

  • Pipe Replacement ServiceYou have discolored water – Discoloured or rust water suggests that your pipes are corroding and should be replaced.  Rust in your water can affect appliances and should not be ignored, if you have discolored water schedule a pipe replacement from McLaren Plumbing.
  • You experience leaks – However small a leak is, it can still be a big problem and shouldn’t be ignored.  A leak in your pipes can waste a lot of water, money & cause serious damage to your property. Water leaks can cause rot, structural damage and even flood your home if left unchecked.  If you experience frequent leaks than it may be a sign that your whole piping system needs replacing.
  • You have low water pressure – Low water pressure can be caused by leaks or tiny holes in your pipes. If you have low water pressure that is unexplained, it is a good idea to have your pipes checked by an experienced plumber.


Pipe replacement Berkeley, CA

Whether you need a section of your pipes replacing or your whole home,we offer an affordable service with unrivalled customer service! We service Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito & Alameda.  Not sure if your pipes need replacing? Speak to McLaren plumbing, we can inspect your existing pipes and provide an accurate estimate for replacement: 510-387-8708



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