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Representing Patients with
Thymic Cancers in the UK

ThymicUK is a support and advocacy group for patients with thymic cancers including thymoma and is recognised by The British Thoracic Oncology Group (BTOG).

We are a community of patients, family members and carers from across the UK and our purposes are to share information, provide support, facilitate research and ultimately to improve the treatments for these rare cancers. Through these endeavours we hope to increase the overall survival and quality of life of patients with thymic cancers.

We do not offer medical advice but we have an active Facebook group where experiences and information can be shared and we hold regular face to face meetings.

Join us for news updates, access to our private support group and more.

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A little about the ThymicUK badge

The ThymicUK badge incorporates the zebra stripe, which represents rare cancers and lavender which is used for general cancer awareness.

Wear the ThymicUK badge and help increase awareness of thymic cancers.

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Help shape future research

Our goal is for more research to go into possible treatments for thymic cancers.  We can help researchers by providing the information they need.

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