ASE Certified Vehicle Technicians

The ASE certified technicians at General Muffler & Auto Supply provide the optimum care for any vehicle that needs repairs or an annual check up. Through ASE certification, the organization ensures that the quality of service is top-notch through the certifying and testing of these individuals. This allows our customers to know that each mechanic in Derby, CT we provide is certified, knowledgeable and professional in everything vehicle related.

Benefits of Using Our ASE Certified Technicians

There are numerous benefits to using an ASE certified technician through General Muffler & Auto Supply in Derby, CT shop, as compared to others with no certification or background training.

  • Each technician and mechanic is specifically certified, not the garage so you work with someone that is trained and competent.
  • ASE certification protects the consumer when working with the technician and the shop.
  • When the mechanic is ASE certified, they are familiar with the changes in vehicles, allowing them to adapt to newer vehicles easier.
  • You have more options than just car dealerships to choose from when finding an ASE certified mechanic in the Derby, CT area.
  • You’re using a mechanic that is knowledgeable, allowing you to save time and money on repairs you might have considered doing on your own.

Why Not Just Use a Regular Non-Certified Mechanic?

While we pride ourselves in the mechanical work that we provide, we also feel it is important to provide top notch certified mechanics to all of our customers. We hire only those mechanics that have taken and passed the ASE certification exam to ensure that you, as a consumer are covered. We feel it is in our best interests as a professional garage to have quality standards that need to be met and in doing so, General Muffler & Auto Supply can provide you with better mechanical services overall.

Contact the ASE Certified Technicians at General Muffler

Working with certified technicians at General Muffler & Auto Supply in Derby, CT is highly recommended for anyone searching for auto help or repairs. Our technicians can show proof that they’ve taken and passed the certification exam, showing that they know what they’re doing, as well as any other documentation or references that might be needed. Call us today at (203) 735-6406 to speak with our qualified technicians and schedule a check up or repair in Derby, CT.


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